Info For Businesses

Here at FanSaves Helps we are helping local businesses across Canada offer gift certificates to help the public support them during Covid-19.

If you are a business, Chamber of Commerce, BIA or similiar community organization, contact us and we will do all we can to help.This helps us support as many communities as possible, helps us encourage social distancing and will allow businesses to stay afloat while we tackle this incredibly difficult situation. 

    How it Will Work

    The customer will receive the gift certificate through email, where they will print it off and bring it to you (once things get back to normal and we're all in the clear), and you will take down the certificate # and keep track of the balance.

    If someone purchases a gift certificate, we'll send you an EMT, e-transfer or PayPal payment every Friday evening of your sales for the week. We will keep a spreadsheet of orders so you can always check in to see how you're doing. 

    This is no charge to you and we are so excited to help your business.